Geisha – l’arte, la persona

Euroma2 started an important collaboration with Eur MuCiv’sMuseo delle Civiltà“. The innovative agreement will be launched on the 3rd of August with an exhibition inside the mall in parallel to the ongoing exhibition “Geisha – l’arte e la persona” at Museo Pigorini. The exhibition with the curatorship of Loretta Paderni will be open until the 30th of September 2018.

Setting the art in everyday life places, the project aims to make it accessible to everybody as well as source of inspiration and entertainment. Euroma2’s exhibition is just a part of the main exhibition dedicated to the geisha through time and shows a double iconographic path: traditional and modern.


  • At Euroma2 main entrance will be possible to admire, on large-scale, the image of a geisha opening the whole ancient iconography retrospective. 19 hanging panels selected from “Ehon seirō bijin awase” series’ books, a 1770 work by Suzuki Harunobu about the Green Houses’ courtesans, will accompany the visitors through an immersive walk to the discovery of all the geisha’s activities in the private apartments during the Edo period. The exhibition shows the elegance, the sensuality and the grace of the young courtesans underlining the wide and precise discipline that connects the aesthetics to the study of classics and arts as traditional dance (Nihon buyō), singing, acting, music, calligraphy (shodō), the art of flowers arranging (ikebana) and the tea ceremony. 
  • The contemporary section can be seen in the hallways of the ground floor. It shows the evocative photos of Fabrizio and Federico Bonifazi revealing how the geisha – an entertainment artist, cultured and polished – has changed during the years managing to adapt herself to the contemporary world despite been strongly tied to the ancient rules. The photos mainly represent the Kyoto’s Gion district, a place spreading even today the atmosphere of the ancient times.

Thanks to the cooperation between Euroma2 and “Museo delle Civiltà”, anyone interested in visiting the exhibition “Geisha, l’arte e la persona” at Museo Preistorico Etnografico Pigorini (Piazza Guglielmo Marconi 14 – until 30th October) will get a 50% discount simply showing Euroma2 Gift Card or Euroma2 APP at the museum’s ticket office.

At the museum, in addition to the many photos will be possible to admire several precious japanese art pieces, kimonos, fans and musical instruments showed for the first time ever in Rome.