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Scorpion Bay is a legendary place on Baja California’s western shore, where the coast draws magnificent coasts and nature is wild and unspoilt. ?”Que onda wey?”
For the sufers all over the world, Scorpion Bay is one of the most sought-after destinations, for its great waves 365 day and the “Legendary Feeling”, that is that sense of beauty, that perception of the evironment, colours, ideas and emotions that only Scorpion Bay can offer. The first Scorpion Bay graphics were born in 1987, when two Californian surfers, Mike Fischer and Rod Bradford, decided to draw on some t-shirts their way of looking at surfing and the emotions that the Baja gave to them. Today as in the past, our products tell stories about the sea, the sun, the colours, the environment, the legends about pirates and “conqusitadores” and religion, the “spanglish” spirit and suggestions of those places. The collections, through graphics, colours and fabrics, express the values of that land… … a feeling of good times past and even better times to come.

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