4,000 parking spaces

Free parking for the first three hours


Up to 3 hours FREE

Up to 4 hours € 1.00

Up to 5 hours € 3.00

Up to 6 hours € 8.00

Every additional hour € 5.00


Chapel of the Transfiguration, Mass every Sunday at 12 noon at the Outside Parking C, Ground Floor, side boulevard.


For more info, please visit


Nursery are located in the toilet area of all three storey of the Shopping Mall. A room exclusively reserved for parents who want to take care of their children in total relax and privacy. Each nursery is provided with changing mat, bottle warmer, consumer items such as nappy and wet wipes, and a comfortable armchair.


Bancomat ATMs are available on all three floors of the Shopping Center.


NEEDS TO RECHARGE? Charge Stations at Euroma2 are totally free and available on each Mall’s floor . You can safelly charge your mobile devices, for all the time you need. Refer to Infopoint for every necessities.


car2go a Euroma2 c’è! Che stai aspettando? Sali a bordo, parti e raggiungi il Centro Commerciale più glamour di Roma con car2go! Il parcheggio riservato car2go è GRATUITO anche oltre le 3 ore!

Lo trovi sulla Terrazza del Parcheggio B livello 4, segui i segnali! E PER USCIRE NON SERVE IL TICKET, alla sbarra suona al citofono e pronuncia la parola magica “car2go!”. L’operatore ti aprirà subito!


You can ask for a taxi to our hostess, on the ground floor of Euroma2


A free WiFi network is active inside the Mall. Connect to “Euroma2 WiFi” .

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