Your pets are welcome at Euroma2!

Pets play an increasingly important role in our lives. We tend to them and dote on them and they pay us back by being our travel buddies, adventure companions and mates for life. As they are an essential part of our daily routine, we feel uncomfortable when we are separated from them.

Sensitive to the theme of respect and protection of our furry friends since the start, Euroma2 has made sure that you can bring your cat or dog with you and leave them in a safe place so you can get on with relaxing and enjoying your shopping experience!

Not only is there a whole pet section at the Ipercoop, you can also shop at the My Petstore which is to be found on the ground floor in that part of the gallery in front of the Ipercoop. It has a wide assortment of food and accessories for animals.
You can also find your own new furry friend at My Pet with the help of an expert who will give you personalised advice.


On the last weekend of every month, Euroma2 hosts two important non-profit organisations:

AIDA&A Onlus: Italian Non-Profit Association for the Defence of Animals and the Environment – it strives to protect animals, to safeguard them from ill-treatment and abuse and to protect the natural environment. At their stand you can donate food for abandoned animals rescued by the Association and even adopt a dog or a cat, giving them a new home and a safe future.


LUNA DI FORMAGGIO Onlus: This association rescues and shelters abandoned cats and dogs and then tries to safely re-home them with new caring owners. At their meeting point, you can contribute to their work by donating food for sheltered animals.