Ettore il Riccio

Ettore is the main character of the kids’ book written by the young author Camilla Anselmi.

Around the adventures of this fun little animal it is structured a project Euroma2 created especially for the kids of the primary schools of the territory.

By showing the most fascinating monuments Ettore visits during his advenutre in Rome, kids are able to discover the wonder of the Eternal City.
From March 27 to April 6 come to Euroma2 to discover the reproductions of the most important statues and buildings of this city, while the students of the Istituto di istruzione superiore Confalonieri – De Chirico of Rome will narrate the origins of the monuments to the kids.
Every kid will receive a gadget in order to collect their book copy.

Around 1200 kids from the Muncipio VIII-IX-X of Rome will be involved!
We will wait for you, too!